Sisters Belinda Kelly, of Happy Camper Cocktail, and Venise Cunningham, of Simple Goodness Farm, are nothing short of balls of energy! These two women are wives, mother’s and small business owners.... And those are just their current titles. Just speak with them for 15 minutes and you will be amazed at the drive, creativity and mind boggling ideas that just pour from their minds.

Belinda and Venise have inherited their entrepreneurial spirits from their incredible family. Having grown up with some amazing examples, the big steps into business seemed natural to them. They are bold, wise and willing to make mistakes. They have also started some very unique business and have a “new baby one” on the horizon!

Check out this episode to be encouraged by their openness. They don’t say it’s easy but they do lay it out… DREAM HARD, WORK HARD AND ENJOY THE UPS AND DOWNS! And don’t forget, day drinking is a great thing every once in a while.


Thank you!

Sherah and David





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